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Power+ VW Polo 6R 2010-2014

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Power plus is a plug and play throttle controller, that enables to you enjoy the full potential of your vehicle.

Enjoy your VW Polo 6R with no less than 5 driving modes.

  1. Economy Mode
  2. Comfort/Towing Mode
  3. AU automatically adapts to your driving style 
  4. Sport 
  5. Sport + 

Fitment takes 5 min and it’s extremely easy to fit. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Christo Haasbroek
    Worth every single cent!!

    I just wanna give you a review on the PowerPlus kit on my 2013 Polo Maxx 1.6.

    First impression was the neatness off the kit and how it's literally a plug and play kit. My girlfriend installed it, it's that easy!! Installation literally took 2 minutes, what took the longest was finding a nice location for the display.

    We installed it and started the car and let it idle for 2 minutes then went for a drive. First of all, the flat spot that used to be between 900-1500RPM since I bought the car with 60k kms on, is nonexistent now!!
    The car pulls so much better even on the Eco map!!
    I recently did branches and this is the ultimate compliment to the PowerPlus system.

    Definitely the best thing I've ever bought for this car!!!