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Power+ Toyota Fortuner 2005-2016

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Power plus is a plug and play throttle controller, that enables to you enjoy the full potential of your vehicle.

Enjoy your Toyota f with Fortuner no less than 5 driving modes.

  1. Economy Mode
  2. Comfort/Towing Mode
  3. AU automatically adapts to your driving style 
  4. Sport 
  5. Sport + 

Fitment takes 5 min and it’s extremely easy to fit. 

Fits engine types:

  • 3.0 D4D
  • 2.5 D4D
  • 4.0 V6

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ahgmad Taliep
Powerplus Rocks

The Powerplus unit eaze of installation amazed me. The functionality and performance is what really ROCKS! I don't think one will find another product locally with the all the benefits of both unlocking the performance as well as offering fuel economy options. I tested all the modes of driving and can really switch my mode of driving with a click of a button ,depending on what I want. What sets POWER+ apart from many "pedal box" units is the setting/adjustment of the intensity of each mode of driving the user can select to personalize your driving style.Really Amazing product,definitely value for money and recommend this unit for everyone. From economy mode to sport mode,this unit has benefits for every dring style.Dont delay ,buy TODAY!


Finally decided to get the PowerPlus controller, and man am I glad I did. My 3.0 d4d is like it's never been before. Acceleration is instant and feels the car feels alive. Don't wait. Just buy one

JP Heath
Worth every penny

A must have item. Can't believe I waited so long to buy one.

Myburgh Hattingh
Excellent product

Very impressive product. I purchased the product do achieve better fuel efficiency. On the open road, high way all the way, the fuel improved from +- 9km/l to 11.7km/l. This was on a 900km trip using the unit on Econo 5 and 3. City driving using Econo 3 I feel very comfortable with and are also seeing an improvement in the fuel efficiency. Hasn't filled up yet, but expect excellent results. Very nifty in comfort 5 to 9 as well as in sports modes, but heavier on the fuel side. Overall excellent product.