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Power+ Toyota Fortuner 2005-2016

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Power plus is a plug and play throttle controller, that enables to you enjoy the full potential of your vehicle.

Enjoy your Toyota f with Fortuner no less than 5 driving modes.

  1. Economy Mode
  2. Comfort/Towing Mode
  3. AU automatically adapts to your driving style 
  4. Sport 
  5. Sport + 

Fitment takes 5 min and it’s extremely easy to fit. 

Fits engine types:

  • 3.0 D4D
  • 2.5 D4D
  • 4.0 V6

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
JP Heath
Worth every penny

A must have item. Can't believe I waited so long to buy one.

Myburgh Hattingh
Excellent product

Very impressive product. I purchased the product do achieve better fuel efficiency. On the open road, high way all the way, the fuel improved from +- 9km/l to 11.7km/l. This was on a 900km trip using the unit on Econo 5 and 3. City driving using Econo 3 I feel very comfortable with and are also seeing an improvement in the fuel efficiency. Hasn't filled up yet, but expect excellent results. Very nifty in comfort 5 to 9 as well as in sports modes, but heavier on the fuel side. Overall excellent product.