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Power+ Isuzu D Max 2013 - 2022

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Power plus is a plug and play throttle controller, that enables to you enjoy the full potential of your vehicle.

Enjoy your Isuzu with no less than 5 driving modes.

  1. Economy Mode
  2. Comfort/Towing Mode
  3. AU automatically adapts to your driving style 
  4. Sport 
  5. Sport + 

Fitment takes 5 min and it’s extremely easy to fit. 

Suitable for the following engines:

  • 3.0 TDI
  • 2.5 TDI
  • 3.6 V6

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Really loving this unit

I'm very happy with the service and how quickly I received my unit.

I'm already impressed with the results and the difference this unit made with my 2017 3.0 Isuzu and it is riding like a dream. I'm seeing some good results in fuel consumption in Daily mode (F1.6) and I can't wait to see what is does on the open road this December and off road with the other modes. I will highly recommend this product.

Kyle Lawrenson
Absolutely blown away

The service I received was amazing. Ordered in the afternoon and my unit arrived the very next day.

Plug and play was easy to install and took 5 minutes. I bought this unit just for towing. I own a 2020 2.5 D-max and wanted a little bit more off the line for towing my SW Tourer, and this unit has done that. Before the unit I was averaging 9 Litres per 100.

Keeping the unit in F2.2 I am averaging around 8.2 per hundred. Absolutely love it. A 3.0 feel while driving a 2.5…

Willem Jansen van Vuuren

Very Happy Brilliant product

Pieter Du Plessis

Excellent in terms of performance and fuel consumption improvement

Snakhokonke Mahlinza
Awesome product

This product is just amazing ,im enjoying it everyday,it changed my performance alot